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Photo Credit: Pat Josse


What does Birthing on Country mean to you?

20 minute educational documentary

Featuring interviews filmed during the Best Start to Life 2022 National Gathering at Mparntwe (Alice Springs) alongside breath-taking Australian landscapes, this educational documentary explores the many meanings of Birthing on Country.

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Sarah Ireland: Interviewing & Production

Pat Josse: Filming, Editing, Sound & Post-Production

Shellie Morris: Narration

Co-production Molly Wardaguga Research Centre, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress & Charles Darwin University

We acknowledge and pay respect to the First Nations people and their countries across Australia

Duration: 20.30" - Copyright: One20 Productions ©2022

what country

What Country were you born on?

Have you ever thought about what Country you were born on?

Australia is internationally recognised as a country but has over 250 sovereign First Nations countries. Every birth in Australia is a birth on First Nations Country.

Duration: 1.48"

Copyright: One20 Productions ©2022

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