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Project Governance

Photograph P.Josse


Project Governance Model

Figure 1: Project Governance Model

Our project governance model foregrounds and centres Yolŋu mothers and babies (ŋadi & yothu) and the djäkamirr. The Yolŋu board (Gumurr’dhangiyunamirr) is supported by Yolŋu knowledge owners and law (Yolŋu Rom Wataŋu & Rom djäkamirr), a multiagency steering committee with three sub-committees (Publications, Infrastructure & Djäkamirr employment), and  two site working groups (Nhulunbuy & Galiwin’ku) (see Figure 1 above).

Figure 2: Yolŋu Matha adaptation and translation of the RISE framework. Adapted by Kildea et al. (2019)[1]. Ireland, Maypilama, Baker & Yirriniba (2019)[2]


[1] Kildea, S., Hickey, S., Barclay, L., Kruske, S., Nelson, C., Sherwood, J., Allen, J., Gao, Y., Blackman, R., & Roe, Y. (2019). Implementing Birthing on Country services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families: RISE Framework, Women and Birth, 32(466-475).

[2] ?? Caring for Mum on Country

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