Djakamirr poster

One20 Productions in collaboration with the Molly Wardaguga Research Centre, the Northern Institute and Charles Darwin University would like to invite you to the premiere screening of:



Darwin Deckchair Cinema
Sunday 27 June 2021 @ 7pm.
Gates open 6pm

Reservation: Deckchair Theatre Ticketing

Money raised from tickets sales will directly benefit the ongoing work of djäkamirr and the Caring for Mum on Country project.

"This film is powerful, stunning and an inspiration for all Aboriginal women and non-Indigenous midwives."

Professor Rhonda Marriott
AM, PhD Murd., RN, Midwife

Centre Director, Ngangk Yira: Murdoch University

Research Centre for Aboriginal Health and Social Equity, Australia


About the Documentary
For over 60-000 years Yolŋu childbirth happened on-country with skilled djäkamirr- midwifery caretakers -using ancestral wisdom and bush technologies to support women and babies. Yolŋu flourished. Since the recent arrival of Western missionaries in the 1920s and the removal of childbirth to hospital, Yolŋu have been suffering. Women are now disconnected from their support systems and the region has profound health inequities including the highest rate of preterm birth in Australia.


DJÄKAMIRR is a two year project, filmed on the ancestral homegrounds of the Yolŋu First Nations people in North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. It is a collaborative project with community based on the strength of relationship and the importance of connection. Yolŋu have a strong cultural identity and speak Yolŋu Matha as their first language/s. The region is remote and despite the wealth of Australia, has inequitable health outcomes and poor access to many basic services. The documentary explores childbirth from the perspectives of Yolŋu women in Galiwin’ku, a small town on Elcho Island.

The Crew

Ḻäwurrpa Maypilama
Co-Director & Co-Writer
Sarah Ireland
Co-Writer, Interviewer, Project Manager
Pat Josse
Co-Director, Videography & Post-Production
Shellie Morris
Rachel Baker

In partnership with Yalu Aboriginal Corporation and Australian Doula College.